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i wish that there were more hours in a day and boys were nice and bread didnt make you fat

I have something to say to the people of Meereen. 

They can live in my new world, or they can die in their old one.



Picture of Adam Elmakias  (x)

Two of my fav people in one photo imma cry.


Thank you Patrick.


how to not see spoilers

  • finish series in nonstop marathon without sleep before returning to tumblr

Neck Deep - What Did You Expect? (x)

it’s my birthday promo!!


yeah pretty much describing title, since it’s my bday and i’m feeling really cool i decided to do another promo woohoo here it goes

  • u must be following me
  • it’ll be rly short (like 3 hours) only while i’m at school
  • only reblogs count
  • depending on notes i’ll do categories

brand new - I will play my game beneath the spin light (credit)

jaime + “rock on” | for lily

I’m lost tonight under your starlight.